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DNA Project Resource Page

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

1. Setup Surname Project

2. Setup Project Home Page

3. Notify Genealogy Forums

4. Display Results

4.1 Y-DNA Results

5. Projects as Examples

5.1 Marsh

5.2 McGee

5.3 Rader

5.4 Wells (#1)

5.5 Thompson

5.6 Clan Ewing

5.7 Burgess - US/UK

5.8 mtDNA-Belgium Walloon

5.9 Mumma - analysis


6. Y-DNA Information


7. FTDNA Newsleters

Aug 2006-Mutation Coloration, study Burgess US/UK, general fund


1. Family Tree DNA Surname Page

project website cannot be changed

project description can be modified

people can join multiple projects

anyone starting with Family Tree DNA can create a free project and then get tested at discount group price


recommend 37 marker test to better define XX lines.

possibility of matching home country people 10 plus generations back?

mtDNA can join? other projects approach?

recommend placing results on ysearch.org (service of Family Tree DNA but accepts others)


2. FTDNA will supply a home page


3. XX Surname Project for DNA Results

A Surname Project for XX and variations has been started to compare DNA results.

In brief paternal lines are tested by Y-DNA results and maternal lines by mtDNA results.

A support site is at YY to explain and collaborate on this project. All are encouraged to check it out and join in. Contact is NN.




http://www.familytreedna.com/GroupInstruction.html Subgrouping to sort results


5. FTDNA list at http://www.familytreedna.com/

http://worldfamilies.net/ list

Top Projects http://www.dnaandfamilyhistory.com/genetic-genealogy-leading-dna-projects.shtml

most members http://www.worldfamilies.net/over50list.html Wells

5.1 Marsh http://marshdna.arrrg.org/

46 members

3 part number - ID/known line/haplotype

5.2 McGee http://www.mymcgee.com/

34 members - by name

UK & US distribution map

test results summary of time to most recent common ancestor, chart of family lines, Phylogenetic tree of marker change,

Y-Utility Tool http://www.mymcgee.com/tools/yutility.html

5.3 Rader http://www.rader.org

DNA and Genealogy http://www.rader.org/dna/DNAppt_files/frame.htm#slide0004

21 members by name mtDNA 5

5.4 Wells #1 384 members http://www.rootsweb.com/~wellsfam/dnaproje/dnaproj1.html

5.5 Thompson http://www.thompsonfamilies.org/results.html

93 members color code groups

5.6 Clan Ewing http://www.clanewing.org/Y-DNAprojectresults.html

65 members Yutility results

5.7 Burgess


Newsletters to Apr. 2006

5.8 mtDNA Belgium Walloom

U5a1a group 3 members

5.9 Mumma http://www.mumma.org/DNA.htm

73 members


6. Halopgroups and markers

individual markers & Freq http://smgf.org/markerDetails.jspx

SMGF Surname list http://smgf.org/surnames.jspx


7. FTDNA Newsletters

Aug. 2006 #5.2 http://www.ftdna.com/facts_genes.asp?act=show&nk=5.2

Mutation Colloration for results in subgroups

Burgess Project has matched US and UK members

General Fund for Project new members

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