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Page history last edited by Gil Hurlbut 2 years, 5 months ago

This HurlbutDNA site is intended to allow interested people to collaborate on a project of using DNA tests to connect Hurlbuts and associated surnames.

As administrator I have let the site go unattended. For active connections go to your testing company and the one big free tree with DNA https://www.wikitree.com/.




1.DNA use in Genealogy

DNA Marker Mutation Rates


2. Family Genealogy

Genealogy Online Links


3. Surname Variations


4. DNA Test Results

mtDNA Test Results

Mutation Descent Charts


5. Adding to this site


Contact us


Status of Project

Apr 25 2021 - need to update. Checking FTDNA info

Dec. 19 2008 - Add page for General Genealogy Online links.

June 19 2008 - New YDNA data from SMGF and new results from another Thomas Hurlbut line (John), Mutation Descent Chart partial update. Haplogroup identification changed from R1b1c to R1b1b2.

Nov. 28 2007 - A third Hulbert showing a connection to William Hulbert has been added. Information from a Bowdon church in the UK reports on Hurlbutt/Hulbert ancestors of one project member as well as others with surname variants. See section 3.8.

Mar. 31 2007 - Another Hurlbut has been added that shows a different DNA signature. More results will be needed to estimate the connection. Also a Hubbard with expected connections to Hulburd/Hulbert has results that do not show a close connection.

Mar. 7 2007 - Results from a member from England have been added to Y-DNA results . A near match indicates Thomas Hurlbut had a close relationship to the ancestors of the English member. Groups have been made for William and Thomas.

The Mutation Descent Chart has been updated to show connections.

mtDNA Test Results have been added to show maternal connections.

Dec. 18 2006 – DNA General added information on DNA Marker Mutation Rates.

More marker results including first 67 marker test results . A new Hulbert test more closely matches Hurlbuts. Mutation Descent Charts show the relationships of the members.

Nov. 11 2006 - Results for 2 more members have been added. A link noted for bookmarks related to DNA Use In Genealogy.

Sept. 20 2006 - DNA results are posted for 7 members. The Hurlbuts show a distict difference from the Hulberts. These results confirm Thomas Hurlbut is not at all closely related to William Hulbert/Hulburd.

July 9 2006 - Number of members at 5 with 2 of those pending results.FTDNA Predictions show probability of H1 Hulbert and H2 Hurlbut having a common ancestor in 24 generations is 0.45%.

Suggestion to do free testing at http://sgmf.org/

June 20 2006 - FTDNA Hurlbut Surname Project started with 1 Hurlbut and 1 Hulbert. Support website started at http://hurlbutdna.pbwiki.com. Y DNA information also found for 2nd Hulbert thru Sorenson Foundation sgmf.org.


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