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Hurlbut Genealogy

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2.1 HURLBUT - HURLBURT Genealogy at http://www.hurlbut.info/ is an effort to trace the descendants of Thomas Hurlbut of Wethersfield and William Hulbert of Enfield, Ct., who came to America about the year 1630. Their common link of Richard Hurlbut (Hulbert) is pure speculation.


Hurlbut Genealogy, by Henry Higgins Hurlbut, 1888, published by Joel

Munsell's Sons Company, Albany, New York


The Hulbert Family 1305 - * With the ancestry of Walter Hubbard, Thomas

Hulbert, William Hulbert and their connection with early emigrants to The New World. By Henry Carlton Hulbert

(Questionable due to association with a known forger of genealogical records.

The article "FRAUDULENT LINEAGES" at America's First Families site


includes the genealogy in a list of 109 cataloged under the name of Gustave Anjou or variants.)


2.2 Hulburd (a.k.a. Hulbert)genealogy at http://hulburdgen.pbwiki.com provides the results of research on the Genealogy of William Hulburd born before 1606, died 1694.


Rootsweb Surname Resource Pages





2.3 General Genealogy online page


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