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PBWiki Notes

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years ago

6/11-email to support not accepted


PBWiki has help, FAQs, forum and its own PBWiki (Yummy)


Sites have an administrator who controls setting site password. All users having site password have full control except for setting site password.


templates http://templates.pbwiki.com/

setting links?


go to a tag http://hurlbutdna.pbwiki.com/PBWiki%20Notes#tag


Users are notified by email of changes, unless ...

ProjectFiction example email 6/12 at gmail


PBWiki examples - https://yummy.pbwiki.com/, Coworking, Genealogy(inactive)

http://pbwikicentral.pbwiki.com/PBwikiTips 42 pgs

http://pbwikifanclub.pbwiki.com/TipsByMember 66 pgs

http://internetfixes.pbwiki.com/ 4 pgs


All pages display has option to add files/images


Directory of Public PBWikis at http://pbwiki.com/public.php


http://freewarewiki.pbwiki.com/ Look for great freeware that's been tried and reviewed






You can download a ZIP file of your wiki pages from your Settings page.

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