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Surname variations

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3.1 Frequency numbers

3.2 List of Hurlbut variations

3.3 List of Hulbert variations

3.4 Thomas Hurlbut Summary

3.5 William Hurlburd/Hulbert Summary

3.6 Other origins

3.7 English comments from Charles Hulbert (1852)

3.8 Hurlbuts/Hulberts at Bowdon in the UK


3.1 The most prevelant variations based on frequency numbers:

In the US 1990 per http://www.census.gov/genealogy/www/namesearch.html

Hulbert(5780), Hurlburt(9680), Hurlbut(13750), Hurlbert(15174), Hurlbutt(31803), Hulburd/Hulbut/Hurlbot(not found)


In England and Wales number of people 2002 per http://taliesin-arlein.net/names/search.php


Hulbert(2502), Hurlbutt(55),Hurlbut(35),Hulburd(29), Hurlburt(13)

Hurlbert/Hulbut/Hurlbot(not found)


There is also a UK distribution of surnames at


It shows Hulbert, but not enough for Hurlbut or others to show.



3.2 An alphabetic list of some Possible "Hurlbut" Variations ( not counting possible double vowel or double "t" combinations, or vowels inserted between the "l" and 'b") thanks to D. Michael Iradi:


Harlbad Harlbard Harlbart Harlbat Harlbed

Harlberd Harlbert Harlbet Harlbid Harlbird

Harlbirt Harlbit Harlbod Harlbord Harlbort

Harlbot Harlbud Harlburd Harlburt Harlbut

Herlbad Herlbard Herlbart Herlbat Herlbed

Herlberd Herlbert Herlbet Herlbid Herlbird

Herlbirt Herlbit Herlbod Herlbord Herlbort

Herlbot Herlbud Herlburd Herlburt Herlbut

Hirlbad Hirlbard Hirlbart Hirlbat Hirlbed

Hirlberd Hirlbert Hirlbet Hirlbid Hirlbird

Hirlbirt Hirlbit Hirlbod Hirlbord Hirlbort

Hirlbot Hirlbud Hirlburd Hirlburt Hirlbut Holabird

Horlbad Horlbard Horlbart Horlbat Horlbed

Horlberd Horlbert Horlbet Horlbid Horlbird

Horlbirt Horlbit Horlbod Horlbord Horlbort

Horlbot Horlbud Horlburd Horlburt Horlbut

Hurlbad Hurlbard Hurlbart Hurlbat Hurlbed

Hurlberd Hurlbert Hurlbet Hurlbid Hurlbird

Hurlbirt Hurlbit Hurlbod Hurlbord Hurlbort

Hurlbot Hurlbud Hurlburd Hurlburt Hurlbut Hurlbutt



3.3 An alphabetic list of some Possible " Hulbert /Hulburd " Variations. Again thanks to D. Michael Iradi:


Halbard Halbart Halberd Halbert Halbird

Halbirt Halbord Halbort Halbourt Halburd

Halburt Helbard Helbart Helberd Helbert

Helbird Helbirt Helbord Helbort Helburd

Helburt Hilbard Hilbart Hilberd Hilbert

Hilbird Hilbirt Hilbord Hilbort Hilburd

Hilburt Hobart Hobert Holbard Holbart

Holberd Holbert Holbird Holbirt Holbord

Holbort Holburd Holburt Holiberd Holibird

Hubbard Hubbert Hulbard Hulbart Hulberd

Hulbert Hulbird Hulbirt Hulbord Hulbort

Hulburd Hulburt

Summary of the two main immigrant from D. Michael Iradi:

3.4 The descendants of the MA immigrant Thomas HURLBUT(T) and Sarah (Nye?) have generally guarded the spelling “Hurlbut(t)/Hurlbu(r)t” throughout the first several generations. However, further on down their line, many seem to have adopted the spelling “Hulbert/Hulburt,” similar to that of the line of William Hulburd I, immigrant to CT. I think the reason for this, is because there are a lot of English (i.e. Anglo-Saxon/Germanic) forenames that already end in "bert," and it just "sounded good/better/more normal" (e.g. Albert, Dilbert, Dagobert, Engelbert, Filbert, Gilbert, Hubert, Humbert, Lambert, Robert, Wigbert, etc.) but there are not many personal names in English that end in "but" (e.g. halibut.…)


3.5 By contrast, the descendants of William HULBURD/HULBERT I the immigrant have absolutely wild fluctuations in spelling, however as a rule of thumb, an “r” does not generally appear before the “l” in their surname variations as with the descendants of Thomas Hurlbut(t) indicating a possible different etymology for their surname. Any reference to the line of William Hulburd I in CT as “Hurlbut/Hurlburt” is apparently revision by modern writers who have confused the two lines with each other (almost certainly due to their misplaced reliance on the falsified works connecting the two lines, which are fabrications by notorious genealogical con-artist “Gustav Anjou.”) However, it should be noted that the descendants of William Hulburd I were occasionally referred to by clerks/scribes in NJ as “Hubbard,” and in MA and PA as "Hurlburt", and these surname variations may have already possibly been applied to the Hulburds in Ct as well.


3.6 An etymology from “Hurlbat” (from the bat used in the game of hurling) may apparently be possible only for Thomas’ line. In contrast, an etymology of either “Halberd” (from the weapon/town official), or the original Anglo-Saxon forename HOLDBEORHT (meaning Gracious and Bright) – probably the latter – may be indicated for William Hulburd I’s line.

The HALBERT families of VA, the Carolinas, etc. are apparently the descendants of a William Halbert (b.1681 in Eng.) who immigrated to VA sometime bef. his marriage to Mary Cook (widow of Thomas Wood) of VA. They were m. bef. 10 Feb 1708. Their descendants are also quite numerous.


Another family found throughout the south/VA in the 1800’s and later is the HELBURT/HELBURT Family, which is also extensive today. They are probably related to the aforementioned Halberts, or possibly the Holberts below.


The HOLBERT/HOLBURT Family, likewise, is quite numerous today. They may be a VA family, as the earliest with that name seem to be in VA, including a Michael Holbert who was born about 1760 in Loudown, VA. Also, a William Holbert was born in Connecticut in 1755 (although some say Holland) and settled in Montague Township, Sussex County, N.J. on the banks of the Delaware River in 1770. He afterward purchased a large tract of land in Lackawaxen, Pike County, Pa. extending from the confluence of the Delaware River to Mast Hope. Here he had large lumber interests and his farm was the oldest in that locality. His name appears on the assessment roll of Lackawaxen Township as having 2 mills showing he was an enterprising man. The descendants of this William Holbert are primarily in the South. John Holbert was a son of Ebenezer Hurlburt (1710-1770) and Dorothy Brown of the Thomas line.


The HILBERT family seems concentrated around Ohio to Indiana to Michigan, and also VA, also in the 1800’s. The name is apparently German in origin, and likely originates with George Adam Hilbert (b.1710 in the Palatine, Germany), immigrant to PA. The Hilbert descendants are very numerous.


The HUBBARD Family is descended from the various immigrants, including: 1. George Hubbard (d.18 Mar 1685, immigrant 1633 to CT); or 2. James Hubbard (b. 14 Aug 1603 d. 26 Apr. 1639 in Watertown, MA); or 3. William Hubbard (b.1591 d.19 Aug 1670 in Ipswich, MA). Their descendants are extensive. Also, Daniel, the grandson of John Hulburd I of Northampton , MA (son of William Hulburd I, immigrant to CT in 1630), apparently changed the spelling of his surname to "Hubbard", as his descendants remain known to this day.


Those of the HOBART/HOBERT family are apparently all descended from the immigrant Edmund Hobart (b.c.1570 d. 8 Mar 1646 in MA).


The HUBBERT Family, prominent in TN and Alabama, and also in the Midwest, are apparently descended from the immigrant Colonel James Hubbert (b. 18 Jul 1741 in Eng. d. 8 Feb 1824 in Warren Co., TN), and his descendants (and former slaves who adopted his surname?) are very numerous.


As per the descendants of William Hulburd I immigrant to CT in 1630, other records of the time show various members of the family with the surname spelled as “Halburd/Halbert,” and later on even "Holbert", but there is no evidence that earlier generations actually signed their own names as such, and so these should be considered as other examples of clerical variations in spelling “Hulburd.”


According to a Jeremy Hulbert of Co. Norfolk UK in 1999 : “…There are early records of the name "Hulbert" as a Norman surname imported by the successful invasion of England in 1066….The earliest document showing our surname that I know of is dated 1168 and refers to HOLBERTUS VENATOR (is this “old man Hulbert?”) There is also mention of a JOHN HOLDEBERT in a document dated 1205….I think that the Wiltshire Hulberts' family name derives either from the Norman line or from before the Norman invasion as the original Anglo-Saxon (sic. Germanic) name HOLDBEORHT (meaning Gracious and Bright). Other Hulbert family names probably did derive form local prowess as HURLBATS on the hurling field, but village hurl-batters were less likely to have their names recorded in documents (because they were not landed aristocracy – DMI). Consequently, we are left with records only from the noble or landowning HULBERTS or those with official positions in politics, local government or religious organizations….”


3.7 More information on the English background of the Family is included in Memoirs of seventy years of an eventful life published by Charles Hulbert in England in 1852. The book is now available at Google Books.

“The family of Hulbert, Hurlbert or Hurlbut, as the name has been variously spelt at different time, are probably of Saxon origin… met with the name frequently in Germany. The principal families now existing, are traceable to Corsham, in Wiltshire… My paternal ancestors appear to have been Yeoman in the parishes of Bowden and Cheadle for several centuries.”


” the last and present generation agreed to adopt the softer mode of spelling, namely Hulbert, the Cheshire branch had previously preferred the harder spelling Hurlbut..”

Transcription of exerpts from the book are at Hurlbut.info


3.8 Hurlbuts/Hulberts at Bowdon in the UK


A report on the church records of St. Mary’s in Bowdon, near Manchester from 1628 show the earliest surname variant is Edward Hurlbut d. 1715.

Ancestors of those associated with a DNA donor in this project are


Samuel Hurlbutt d. 8/27/1800 aged 88 and his wife Damaris Hurlbutt d. 6/26/1789 aged 80.

(his son) Thomas Hurlbutt d. 3/5/1805 Huband (sic) of Anne

(his great grandson) Charles Agustus Hulbert m. Louisa Powell 1/16/1868

Bridegrooms father Charles Agustus Hulbert.


Information is available on others with surnames recorded as Hulburt, Hurlbut, Hurlburt, Hurlbert, Hurlboat and Hurlbirt

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